Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Draft Blueprint

July 21, 2017

The Counselor advises you on the Best position to draft at each round. These are some of the most asked questions. When do I grab a Tight end or Kicker? What Positions is best to draft in Round one? How long do I hold out for a defense. We have the answers in this episode […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Fantasy Football Convention Experience

July 18, 2017

The Counselor and the Matchmaker take you inside the BIGGEST Fantasy Football Convention and give you some inside information from the Show! Be sure to Follow the Counselor for MORE inside Fantasy Football information @fantasyfootball Counselor on Instagram. Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – At the Fantasy Football Convention

July 16, 2017

A Quick Overview of what’s Going on at the Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas. It’s been a busy weekend interacting with New and Current listeners in North America’s Biggest Fantasy Football Event.  Be sure to Follow on instagram @fantasyfootballcounselor to get into the show! Also josephrobert10 on Snapchat.  Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Instagram Questions Answered

July 13, 2017

Your Instagram Fantasy Football Questions are Answered in the Special Thursday Afternoon Episode. The Counselor and The Matchmaker are getting ready to travel to Dallas for the Fantasy Football Convention. Be sure to be following on Instagram @fantasyfootballcounselor to get inside the MVP Event! To get Tickets to the Fantasy Football Convention this Weekend go […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Mock Draft with No Fluff

July 11, 2017

The Counselor and Matchmaker Take you through their First Mock Draft on the Podcast this Year. They take you through 14 No Fluff rounds of this Mock Draft, full of useful information to help you dominate your League. The Counselor is Changing the Game!  Join us this Friday in Dallas at the National Fantasy Football […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Breakout Awareness

July 9, 2017

The Full Breakout Players List! Must Listen as these Players are players that will do better than some of the TOP players on everyone else’s General Consensus Ranking. This is the type of episode that gives you inside information to players that are REALLY in a position to succeed. Dominate Fantasy Football By thinking outside […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Listeners Call in Episode and Draft Comparisons

July 7, 2017

Listeners call in! Also, who should you draft Bell or DJ? Rodgers or Brady? Kelce or Gronk? The Counselor answers these and many more of these comparisons in THIS or THAT Segment. Another Exciting No Fluff Episode!   Also Get your Tickets to the biggest Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas. You get a discounted ticket […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Players to Avoid. Defense and Kicker Review

July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July! While everyone is out Partying we are studying Fantasy Football. This Episode we tell you some players to avoid drafting and review the Top Defense to draft along with the Top Kicker! Another Solid Straight to the Point ” No Fluff” Podcast.  Be sure to join us in Dallas on July […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – The Matchmaker Doesn’t Hold Back

July 2, 2017

The Truth is revealed. The Matchmaker the Counselor don’t hold back and let you know what the industry is doing to hold you back from dominating Fantasy Football. We will help you break away from what it suppose to be the Norm . The Counselor is changing the game. You don’t want to miss the […]

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2017 – Breakouts, Bounce Backs and Sleepers

June 30, 2017

Mega Episode on Breakouts, Bounce Back Players and Sleepers. This is a very important Episode that will give you the Edge in Fantasy Football! The Counselor and the Matchmaker discuss some key Breakout Players, mainly rookies, that could make a big impact on your season right away or later in the season. You don’t want […]

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