For Anyone that plays Fantasy Football and Wants to Dominate

Imagine being able to Dominate Year Long and Daily Fantasy and Joining the Greatest Masterminds in the game!

Why Listen to me with In Regards to Fantasy Football

I take Fantasy Football Very Seriously . I put in over 10 hours a day into the study and Analysis of the game. My predictions and analysis, have won his listeners and followers thousands of championships. I live and Breath Fantasy Football and I am Heavily involved in the Industry. I want to make sure you get the Greatest advantage when you are playing Daily or Year long Fantasy. You want to go in armed and I have all the tools you need to WIN!


  • Over 100k Social Media Followers
  • #1 Fantasy Football Analyst on Instagram
  • #1 No Fluff Fantasy Football Podcast
  • 10 hours a day of studying and analyzing Fantasy Football information
  • Had Elite Fantasy Football Stars Endorse my podcast including David Johnson and Martavis Bryant
  • Known for taking risks in Fantasy and being correct while straying away from your typical general Consensus Rankings
  • Affiliated with the biggest Fantasy Sports Shows in North America. ( The Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas, and  a featured Guest at the Fantasy Sports Show in Toronto )
  • Extremely Passionate and Serious about the Game


What you get in this Master Mind Group. This is the Initial test Group. It is a Elite talent group and we want serious Fantasy Football Players and even Beginners that are willing to take their game to another level. It is a Year Long membership.

Be the First to get in as we may close it off at certain points and will have price increases. 

Elite Talent Offering

  1. Access to the Private Elite Talent Facebook Group. Joining only the best of the best and Beginners that are ready to dominate.
  2. Line up set up – We check your lines and make sure they are ready and optimized for the week
  3. Direct Access to the Fantasy Football Counselor. This Group will be my #1 Priority. I will read ALL content and engagement in this group
  4. Weekly LIve Q and A with The Counselor.
  5. Dfs Favorable matchups offered to the group studied and submitted by the Counselor
  6. Starts and Sits for the week
  7. Being a part of something that has never been done! A Mastermind group and a community with players as passionate as you are. Most importantly . No Fluff in the group!

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