Proudly Made in North America.


With more than 32 million participants in North America, fantasy sports are a growing pastime and an important market. Fantasy Framez offers you, the team owner to bring home your team. Owner Joseph Robert had a vision for all sports fans and particularly Fantasy sports fans to really remember and own their teams. This vision had been brought to reality. Its your one stop to get exactly the players you want in the display you want.

Multitudes of Fans

Fantasy Framez appeal to multitudes of fans who would love to have sports cards of their favorite players assembled in one place and ready for display. Everyone wants to make life easier and more convenient. Fantasy Framez does just that by offering a tasteful, finished product that saves fans the time and money it would require to make a similar product themselves.

Unique Custom Backing

There are no other product as unique as Fantasy Framez. The custom made frame backing allows access to your sports cards, so you can change out or trade your cards with ease. This unique, affordable item stands out from the crowd as the ultimate fantasy sports prize or gift idea.

North American Made

The frames and materials are all made and manufactured in North America. We want to bring you the best quality frame that is built to last.


Fantasy Framez offers a high quality product and is made in Canada. Materials and goods are all from North America and made with care. We ship from Canada and all items are carefully inspected for quality assurance. All sports cards provided are in excellent condition and are right out of manufacturer packaging. All engraving is done as per customer request and engraved exactly how it is written on order request. We offer insured shipping and product is safely secured. All sales with Fantasy Framez are final due to the custom nature of the product. Please be sure to order exactly what you want as we are not responsible for any errors entered on the order, such as typo errors or selection of incorrect player cards. We ship and engrave exactly what is on the order. Not all sports cards shown on the website photos are provided for sale. Card availability changes. Note we ship base player cards although there may be variations of the base card shipped and some card looks may vary from other cards. Ex. You may receive franchise card, or behind the numbers or top 100 perk cards. These different look cards may be shipped instead of base card. We do however ship the exact player requested. We are not affiliated with the card manufacturers. We are a frame manufacturer and offer sports cards as a convenience and a addition to our product. Jerseys and other sports products shown as props are also not sold. Fantasy Framez is Trademarked.

 Can you get us any sports cards we want for our custom Fantasy Frame?


We can get you the cards available in our drop down boxes provided in our drop down boxes. We want you to be able to build and trade your team when you bring it home. Our provided cards are mostly a starting point for your frame. Fantasy Framez only offer the players in our Shop Now section.

 Can we ship back a plate and get it engraved after the season is done?


No. The way we have designed our ordering process is that we want to ship a complete package. So we do not do engraving after we ship you the frame. We do offer options when you order. You can order base frame plate or one just put in the team name and year when ordering. The only thing that would change at the end of the year would be league record and ranking. You can leave out these two engravings or order at the end of your season if you want the ranking and record incorporated in your frame.

 Are you going to be providing sports cards for other sports?


Yes. We will be adding a Hockey line in the near future and ultimately other sports including Baseball and Basketball will be added later.

 If you don't have the cards I am looking for what can I do?


If we don't have a player you are looking for please contact us and we will attempt to add the player to the roster of cards we offer. If we are unable to stock the particular player we recommend that you visit a local card dealer or search for your desired cards online. Also please don't hesitate to contact us for a list of our preferred card dealers.